You don’t get head lice through having poor hygiene, dirty or clean hair (contrary to old beliefs). They can affect all types of hair and lengths.

They most commonly affect 4-11 year old due to close contact when at nursery or school – and quite often get passed onto parents and siblings. Studies are showing that the number of children getting head lice is actually growing. This is also increased due to the fact that head lice are very clever and are becoming more and more resistant to most of the chemical solutions that are used to treat head lice and nits, and so survive and continue to thrive and spread. This is why we use all natural products and manual labour to get rid of them. This is the most effective method to use.

You get lice from close head-to-head contact with other people who have it. They simply crawl across as they cannot jump, swim or fly. They can sometimes fall onto you clothing and crawl up into your hair, un-noticed.

Head lice only live on humans and so can’t be caught from or passed onto other animals. They live only off of human blood. They cannot survive without human blood for more than 48 hours.

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