The Science

The ‘Science Bit’ about Lice and Nits

Head lice are wingless parasitic insects ranging from the size of a pin head when newly hatched to 3mm as an adult. They spread by head-to-head contact where they crawl across. They cannot fly, swim or jump. But they certainly are good sprinters and are hard to see sometimes due to their greyish-brown colour.

Life Cycle:

The female louse lays their eggs very close to the scalp in order to keep the eggs warm, and produces a strong cement to secure them to the hair shaft. These eggs are hard to see as they are the size of a pin head. As they mature, they look like yellowish white.

These eggs will then hatch out about 7-10 days later and become nymphs. They look like the adults but are much smaller – again about the size of a pinhead. They then grow into mature, egg laying adults after about 7 days. The females tend to be a bit larger, but they vary in size. They tend to be no longer than 3mm. These adult live off of human blood for about 30 days. The adult female lays up to 8 eggs per day.

Video of an adult head louse:

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